The Media Never Tells the Truth

Show Me Don’t Tell Me

How many times do you hear it?
It goes on all day long
Everyone knows everything
And no one’s ever wrong
Until later

– Show Don’t Tell, RUSH, Lyrics by Neil Peart

From a letter to readers of the New York Times:

As we reflect on this week’s momentous result, and the months of reporting and polling that preceded it, we aim to rededicate ourselves to the fundamental mission of Times journalism. That is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor, striving always to understand and reflect all political perspectives and life experiences in the stories that we bring to you.

Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., Publisher

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Dean Baquet, Executive Editor

My reaction?
You’ve figured out the score
I’ve heard it all before
I don’t care what you say

Poor babies – the election ripped the last shred of credibility from the Times and every other mainstream media outlet.  Only now – even after years of dying a slow death – they figure out maybe, just maybe, they might begin to report “honestly.”

If the publisher and editor of the Times are sincere, they need not wait for some future event to demonstrate this.  I offer the following list of stories, all of which have been less-than-fairly covered by the mainstream media.

I will begin about 15 years ago.  I could go back much further, but there was a particular event that offered a particular inflection point that greatly changed the intensity by which events have unfolded since – one could easily argue that it was this list of events that led directly to the supposedly shocking results of last week’s election.

September 11, 2001

This date needs no further explanation.  There is much evidence available that makes clear that the official story is not a credible story.  What happened?  Who was involved?  Why?

Global Warming / Climate Change

The “inconvenient truth” is that the science has been so bastardized that no one can conclude anything on this topic other than if scientists have reason to lie, we have reason to not believe them.

Invasion of Afghanistan and Ongoing Occupation

Even if the original story was true, why such a major operation to capture a handful of criminals?  Why remain after the supposed mastermind was supposedly captured and shot?  Speaking of…

Osama bin Laden

What’s up with this guy?  He was working for the US, then against the US.  He was reported dead several times.  He had an incurable and deadly disease, yet somehow survived in a cave or compound for a decade or more.  And his death?  Really, they dumped his body in the ocean in respect of Muslim tradition?

Invasion of Iraq and Ongoing Occupation

What’s the deal?  It is painfully obvious to everyone that this invasion was based on lies.  So why not take to task the liars-in-chief that brought this catastrophe to Iraq and the region?

2008 Financial Collapse

What caused it (hint, it wasn’t greed – at least not how this term is normally considered)?  Why TARP?  Why did the Fed increase its balance sheet fivefold?  Why bail out AIG, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc.?  Why have billions been paid in bonuses to the same people who brought on this disaster in the first place?  Why has no one been prosecuted for fraudulent and criminal activity?

Continued Wars of Choice

Libya (and don’t forget Benghazi), Syria, and Ukraine all come to mind.

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From, here.

Even Torah Study Has Set Times

There’s an old joke that when the Beis Hamikdash is built, the Chassidim will be busy with the many different forms of Avodah (service), with the blood, the singing, cooking, frying, the clothes, etc. There will also be a special room for the Litvaks. They will be sitting and learning Torah instead, so as not to waste time…

Here is an important elaboration.

The Chazon Ish on ‘Esav Hatzaddik’

The Slabodka alumni, Rabbi Isaac Sher, was known for explaining that Esav and Korach and other evildoers in Scripture were not as obviously evil as is apparent from a plain reading of the text. Their sins consisted of great nuance, and had we met these men ourselves, we would not find anything untoward about them. Only the Torah can, in its high standards, find fault with them by “magnification”.

The Chazon Ish reportedly mocked this Mussar idea by commenting, upon Rabbi Sher’s passing, “Now Esav Hatzaddik and Lavan Hatzaddik will come accompany him to his reward…”

‘Send Your Bread Out On the Water’

Somebody’s Mother – Poem by Mary Dow Brine

The woman was old and ragged and gray,
And bent with the chill of a winter’s day;
The streets were white with a recent snow,
And the woman’s feet with age were slow.

At the crowded crossing she waited long,
Jostled aside by the careless throng
Of human beings who passed her by,
Unheeding the glance of her anxious eye.

Down the street with laughter and shout,
Glad in the freedom of ‘school let out,’
Come happy boys, like a flock of sheep,
Hailing the snow piled white and deep;
Past the woman, so old and gray,
Hastened the children on their way.

None offered a helping hand to her,
So weak and timid, afraid to stir,
Lest the carriage wheels or the horses’ feet
Should trample her down in the slippery street.

At last came out of the merry troop
The gayest boy of all the group;
He paused beside her and whispered low,
‘I’ll help you across, if you wish to go.’

Her aged hand on his strong young arm
She placed, and so without hurt or harm
he guided the trembling feet along,
Proud that his own were young and strong;
Then back again to his friends he went,
His young heart happy and well content.

‘She’s somebody’s mother, boys, you know,
For all she’s aged, and poor and slow;
And some one, some time, may lend a hand
To help my mother- you understand?-
If ever she’s old and poor and gray,
And her own dear boy so far away.’

‘Somebody’s mother’ bowed low her head
In her home that night, and the prayer she said
Was: ‘God be kind to that noble boy,
Who is somebody’s son and pride and joy.

זהות יהודית ללא הערמות שקר

כח מעשיו הגיד לעמו ● תכנית חורבן עמונה הוא כפירה בהקב”ה ● סדר הגאולה ● אין דואג ליסודי הדת הללו ● האם לתמוך בתנועת “זהות” או לא ● הצד בעד לתמוך ● חובת ההשתדלות בעת הזאת ● דחיית איסורים בשביל הצלת עם ישראל ● יפתח בדורו כשמואל בדורו ● הצד נגד תמיכה, ולהתנגדות ● הזיוף של הרב חיים אמסלם בעניני גיור ● השגות ● מכתב ● תמונת המצב והתוצאה החמורה של גיורי הרב אמסלם ● ראייה לנדון דידן מן הכנסיה הגדולה במרינבאד ● דעת הגרי”ז הלוי סולוביצ’יק ● המסקנא שיצא מכח הכנסיה הגדולה ● לתמוך במועמד אמוני, ומאידך לתמוך באופוזיציה תורנית ● יש מצב לתמוך וגם להתנגד ● דעת הראי”ה קוק זצ”ל ● מקור בתורה לכבוש את א”י על אף שיצא מזה קלקולים רוחניים [לבעלי טלפונים חכמים: יש ללחוץ על האייקון של ה־PDF]

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