Feiglin From Five Years Ago

No Victory Without A Goal

By Moshe Feiglin

Translated from the article on Ma’ariv’s NRG website

The frustration that grasped me over Shabbat reminded me time and again of the man who told me how, at his bar mitzvah, “A ghost suddenly entered the synagogue in Budapest. It was scary, with a stench of smoke and death. The ghost ascended to the stage of the synagogue and began to shout: ‘Jews! I have escaped Auschwitz to warn you! They will burn you! Run away now!’”

“The synagogue managers,” the man continued, “dragged him off the stage and threw him out of the synagogue. I was sitting next to my father, in an aisle seat, and the man touched me. Until this very day, I can remember his smell. One month later, I was in Auschwitz.”

That is what happens when the public is not willing to deal with the significance of what it hears. That is what happens when leadership is captive to the existing pre-conceptions. No facts, proofs or evidence will help. They will not listen to you; they will throw you out of the synagogue, they will say that you are an extremist, crazy; they will do anything to save themselves from dealing with the significance of what you are saying.

I didn’t really want to write about what is happening in Israel’s south. What can I say? “I told you so?” There is nothing taking place now that I have not warned about in tens of articles. What good will come out of writing the same things again? Why should anybody listen now? What can I write? Blame Begin who surrendered the Sinai desert? Rabin and Peres who surrendered Gaza and injected Arafat’s army of terrorists into its streets and alleys? Sharon who destroyed (excuse me, “disengaged” from) Gush Katif?

I hear the “experts” on the radio. The broadcasters are not interviewing those people who tried to warn us. Instead, they interview the ‘synagogue managers’, those people who held senior positions and those who cooperated with the liars. They will go to great lengths to preserve the lie and the mentality that defends it.

“Feiglin! Tell me what we can do!” a senior worker in the Ashkelon municipality shouted to me after a Grad missile landed in her yard.

“First of all, change all the names of the streets, plazas and boulevards here back from ‘Rabin’ to their original names,” I answered her and she, totally shocked, turned around and walked away, not integrating what I had just said to her.

Remember Rabin. It is impossible to get through to a public that is captive to a misconception. From at least the time of Oslo, the Nation of Israel is captive. Instead of freeing itself from the Oslo mentality and the name Rabin that symbolizes it, they changed the names of the Katyusha missiles. Rabin promised they wouldn’t fly from Gaza into Israel. They do, but never fear. In the north, where Rabin never promised we would not be hit by Katyushas, we are still attacked by Katyushas. But in the south, where he scoffed at the thought, we are attacked by Grads.

Just a short while after the murderous rampage (a.k.a a “terror attack”) in the south, Israel’s Air Force eliminated five senior terrorists in Gaza. The news broadcasts also mentioned that they were behind Gilad Schalit’s abduction. Why didn’t they kill them earlier and prevent the murders? Because Israel has no goal other than to survive. Its leadership cannot initiate anything because there is no national goal for which it is legitimate to fight, other than simple existence. If Israel had killed the terrorists before their rampage, tensions here would have escalated and the media that continues to pump Oslo into our bloodstream would have blamed our leaders. In other words, when there is no destiny beyond mere existence, we cannot initiate. All we can do is react. So now we have more murdered Jews and an escalation of tensions, as well.

All that we wanted was to realize the Zionist goal of “being a normal nation like all other nations.” We tried to create an artificial reality that would replace the heavy burden of destiny that the Jewish Nation carries on its back.

But reality, of course, cannot be changed. We have lost eye contact with our destiny and now, even though we are stronger than ever, we cannot defend ourselves. Without destiny, all that we can do is react. And he who only reacts, will ultimately fall.

I am a great believer in this Nation. I believe that ultimately, we will return to our destiny-consciousness. When that happens, our enemies will evaporate. I just pray that the process of reclaiming our destiny will not be too painful.

From Manhigut Yehudit, here.

?אבל הרבנים אמרו לא לעלות לארץ ישראל

אור החיים ויקרא פרק כ”ה פסוק כ”ה

כי ימוך אחיך וגו’ פרשה זו תרמוז ענין גדול, והערה ליושבי תבל, כי ימוך על דרך אומרו (קהלת י יח) בעצלתים ימך המקרה, ואמרו ז”ל (מגילה יא) עשיתם לאותו שנאמר בו (תהלים קד ג) המקרה במים עליותיו, מך, כי כשהתחתונים מטין מדרך הטוב מסתלקים ההשפעות, ומתמסכן עמוד הקדושה, כי העיקר תלוי בהתחתונים:

ואמר ומכר מאחוזתו, ירצה על המשכן משכן העדות אשר הוא אחוזתו יתברך שבו השרה שכינתו, ובעונותינו נמכר הבית ביד האומות, וכמאמרם ז”ל (שוחר טוב עג) בפירוש פסוק מזמור לאסף באו גוים וגו’:

והודיע הכתוב כי גאולתו היא ביד הצדיק אשר יהיה קרוב לה’, על דרך אומרו (לעיל י ג) בקרובי אקדש, הוא יגאל ממכר אחיו, כי האדון ברוך הוא יקרא לצדיקים אח כביכול (זוה”ק ח”ג קס:) דכתיב (תהלים קכב ח) למען אחי ורעי, והגאולה תהיה בהעיר לבות בני אדם ויאמר להם הטוב לכם כי תשבו חוץ, גולים מעל שלחן אביכם, ומה יערב לכם החיים בעולם, זולת החברה העליונה אשר הייתם סמוכים סביב לשלחן אביכם, הוא אלהי עולם ברוך הוא לעד, וימאיס בעיניו תאוות הנדמים ויעירם בחשק הרוחני, גם נרגש לבעל נפש כל חי עד אשר יטיבו מעשיהם, ובזה יגאל ה’ ממכרו, ועל זה עתידין ליתן את הדין כל אדוני הארץ גדולי ישראל, ומהם יבקש ה’ עלבון הבית העלוב:

Israeli Police Brutality and Drug War

Police brutality in Israel

 This is a story of police brutality and malfeasance told by a Jewish man from Modi’in. He says he was physically and mentally abused, harassed, separated from his family and terrorized by the Israel police despite the fact that he is completely, totally and utterly innocent.

During the ordeal, he was interrogated in a language he doesn’t fully understand and beaten when he wouldn’t sign a document he couldn’t read. And this being Israel they were allowed to do all of it without an attorney present.Arabs of course have been telling these types of horror story for years. Their homes are invaded in the middle of the night. They are accosted in the street, held without charges, beaten, tortured. When one of them is shot, the cops tell everyone the victim was a terrorist (just as every block man shot by the police in America “was reaching for what looked like a gun.”

The typical Jewish response to these atrocities is always to defend the authorities. Any Arab who tangles with a cop or soldier is automatically presumed guilty as “our boys” are always professional, courteous and committed to justice.
 Well, after you’ve read the man from Modiin’s experience let’s see see what you think about that.

“ציון במשפט תפדה, ושביה בצדקה.”

From DovBear, here.