Oslo – De-Judaizing the Jews

Here’s a quote from an architect of the Oslo Peace Accords:

“Peace is not a goal in and of itself. It is the means to bring Israel from one era to the next; to the era that I consider the era of the normal state. ‘Israelization’ of society instead of its ‘Judaization’ will foster the synthesis of Jewish nationalism, flourishing of Israeli culture, separation of religion and state and complete equality for the Arab minority in Israel.” (Ron Pundak, Jan. ’14)

(Thanks to Moshe Feiglin. Again.)

Oslo is not just our physical destruction but our religious ruin as well (“Shmad”).

This is shocking to admit to ourselves, but the Rabbis who endorsed the peace process with ridiculous claims of “land for Pikuach Nefesh” – i.e., almost all of them – were and still are destroying Judaism itself. Rabbi Brand has often pointed this out.

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