On the Jews and Their Lies Against Judaism

This site presents numerous cases and examples (explicit and implied – unconscionable silence) of lying Jewish rabbis. Not always, as the myth has it, to be stringent… But does exposure work?

Sometimes yes. Enough social psychological pressure can make the author admit to his own bias in print by his own hand! Hard to believe? Check out “Tamim Teheyeh” (Hebrew), by Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Hillel. The first edition was blatantly biased toward forbidding anything and everything mystical. The second edition was, too, of course, but at least the intellectual dishonesty was conceded in a special introduction.

(By the way, some of the Haskamos (approbations) on this sefer are enlightening.)

Do you realize paraphrasing that book title in your own post title makes you sound antisemitic?

Your point?


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