News on the Latest Jewish Kidnappees

Thursday, April 7, 2016, 15:15 The wife of one of the detainees said that no-one has any information about her husband’s status: “Based on the [ISA] torture a few months ago there is concern that the ISA is using all sorts of horrific methods also now. I have no information about what is happening with my husband – not about what he has been accused of and not about where he is.”

Dozens of the detainees’ relatives and friends protested opposite the residence of the head of the ISA, Yoram Cohen, in Jerusalem on Wednesday, April 6. The protesters called on the head of the ISA to allow the detainees to meet with an attorney and demanded that the ISA refrain from torturing the detainees held in the ISA facilities.

Several months ago a number of Jewish youths were detained and served with orders prohibiting them from meeting with an attorney. Then also a gag order was placed on publicizing details of the investigation. After the youths were interrogated in ISA facilities, without meeting with an attorney, it was revealed that during their interrogations, unusual means including torture, were used on them. Some of the youths were released after it turned out that they had no connection to the incident for which they were interrogated.

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Excerpts from Honenu, here.

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