Never Go to Jail Willingly

Sometimes people commit a crime, then, out of guilt, get themselves into jail for atonement. Atonement is good, but jails are not. There are ways to atone outside of jail. Jail is very bad for those who hate it, but it’s also bad for the “noble”.

One simple example: Charles Colson, Nixon’s trickster.

Colson was a thief and a libeler. Then his conscience awoke in trial, and he plead guilty to something he didn’t need to, so the taxpayer could fund his “redemption”. He wished to pay a price, although not to the victims themselves (as he later realized).


But was he the only one to pay a price?! His father had a heart attack. His mother fell ill. His son fell off the wagon.

Learn from his mistake: Don’t go to jail willingly!

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