Moshe Feiglin, Identitarian

Why Zehut? By Moshe Feiglin

Because at the root of Israel’s woes is the question, “Who are we?”

Because the great debates, the essential rifts, the real challenges that we face – all revolve around the question of Israel’s identity.

The answers being offered in Israel in the face of the diplomatic/security challenge do not deal with security or peace. They deal with Israel’s identity.

The answers being offered in Israel in the face of the economic/social challenge do not weigh social justice against economic effectiveness. They deal with Israel’s identity.

And the answers being offered in Israel in the face of the religion and state challenge do not deal with religion or state. They deal with Israel’s identity.

The initiators of Oslo and the Expulsion from Gush Katif continue to claim that their intention was – and still is – to bring peace and security. Despite the fact that they brought just the opposite.

Those who push the economy toward more and more government interference pretend to be fighting poverty. Despite the fact that capitalistic countries always suffer less poverty.

“For me, Oslo means being able to forget that I am a Jew,” explained authoress Dorit Rabinian when the Accords were signed. The challenge of peace and security were never the reason. They were the means to the end; the end that would allow their proponents to forget that they were Jews.

The same is true for economics and the religion-state debate. All the sides are hiding behind the masks of different values that have nothing to do with the real reason. For the Left, it is not about Peace. It is about their desire to forget and be ‘normal’. For the Right, it is not about security. It is about settling the Land of Israel. For the Socialists, it is not about concern for the poor. It is about waging war against the rich. And for the Religious, it is not about religion. It is about influence and power.

So if the arena upon which we are waging our battles is not the security, economic, social or religious arena, what is the true arena?

The true arena is the Jewish identity arena. Zehut (Identity) is the political party that removes all the masks and speaks the truth. Zehut is not a party for religious or secular. Zehut is not about Right or Left. We do not care how you define yourself and what is more important to you: Education, human rights, the Land of Israel, economy, ecology, peace or security. As long as you are part of the large Jewish majority that wants to remember that we are Jews – your place is with us.

From Manhigut Yehudit, here.

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