Mesillas Yesharim

I quote the introduction to Mesillas Yesharim:

כל שהיא תפארת לעושיה ותפארת לו מן האדם, דהיינו: כל ההולך אל תכלית ההטבה האמיתית, דהיינו, שתולדתה חזוק התורה ותקון אחוות המדינות.

The bolded words either refer to internal order, “Takanas Hashuk”, or predictability, among residents of a given jurisdiction or to martial peace among ruling jurisdictions. (I tend toward the first interpretation for historical reasons.)

Needless to add, virtually all Anglo, Jewish journalists, rabbis, and organizations support eternal global meddling war for the current orders; just open Hamodia, or read an Agudah press release. And they all support ever-changing legislation, malum prohibitum, justice perversion through power-proximity sold to the economically ignorant as envy wish fulfillment or “social” injustice.

This site exists to point out these unpleasant facts.

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