How to Lower the Cost for Blocking Impure Advertisements Online

Shared by a friend:

My internet filtering strategy consists of a simple content filter, adblocking, and image concealing browser extensions (and other things).

It works for me. But I had a problem. Certain websites, detecting my ad-blocker, would block entry to their articles.

I found a solution to the problem (assuming the article seems important enough to work a little):

  1. Search for the title on Google or the like.
  2. Find the article in question.
  3. If it was reproduced elsewhere, problem solved. If not, read on.
  4. Find the tiny arrow next to the name, and click with care, being sure not to hit the hyper-linked title itself.
  5. A bubble appears.
  6. Again, gingerly click on “cached page”.
  7. You can now view the full article in question.
  8. You can also select different design options at the header.

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