Know Your Enemy: Esav Is on the March!

Esau’s Threat: Judeo-Christian Values Revisited

י״ב לחודש השלישי תשע״ז

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Judeo-Christian values? Really? You can read here to know what I think about so-called Judeo-Christian Values.

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No. It’s not. It’s Torah against anti-Torah. And, yes, distorted Torah is anti-Torah. As the Ramba”m states:

 שלושה הן הכופרים בתורה: … והאומר שהבורא החליף מצוה זו במצוה אחרת, וכבר בטלה תורה זו, אף על פי שהיא הייתה מעם ה’, כגון הנוצריים וההגריים. כל אחד משלושה אלו כופר בתורה. (משנה תורה, הל׳ תשובה ג,יז)

Three [types] are the deniers of the Torah: … And the one who says that the Creator replaced this commandment with a different commandment, and that this Torah was already nullified, even though it was from The Almighty, such as the Christians and the descendants of Hagar. Each of these three denies the Torah. (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Repentance 3:17)

Esau (the West – Malbi”m) are not our friends.

There isn’t any quantitative difference in the threats/dangers between Esau and Yishmael (Arabs/Muslims), only qualitative. Esau’s weapons and strategies (eg. smiles, money, lying, tricks) are simply different than those of Yishmael’s. Esau’s descendants are not our friends.

The Kiss of Esau

And Esau’s kiss IS his bite. (Gerer Rebbe) Thus, the trickiness of Esau. He has many faces. Just as he adapted his strategies to conquer his brother Ya’aqov, Esau’s spiritual descendants have adapted their strategies to conquer Ya’aqov’s descendants.

Do not forget that one of the eventual goals of Esau is to take the Land of Israel which it believes is rightfully his (theirs). The Vatican is acquiring parts, as are the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches.

The Evangelicals, as well as those who have “evolved” beyond that have been sneaking into Israel left and right, with the goal of staying, attempting to blend in with “settler” appearing clothing, and by “volunteering” to work the Land.

There are even those of Esau’s descendants who have invented a recent movement, fake Israelites (Christians calling themselves “Ephraimites”), as a way of getting a foothold on our Land.

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