Judaism is Not Socialism

We have often written here against socialism. But one might ask: doesn’t the Torah command socialism? Jews must be charitable with their money. And if a Jew refuses, the courts (when they have the sovereignty) even force him to give.

But Judaism does not equal socialism at all.  The starting point is that property belongs to its owner. Then, upon that basis, each Jew has Mitzvos to do. The wealthy man must give charity to other Jews. The poor man must not allow himself to become poor – לא יהיה בך אביון, and must accept charity if he has no other choice. The Jewish judge must enforce the observance of Mitzvos upon other Jews. And those other Jews must ensure the existence of just courts (צדק צדק תרדוף).

And none of this applies to mere citizens in a given geographical area, but strictly to coreligionists.

This will do for now.

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