Jerusalem Is Not the Real State Capital!

I recommend Moshe Feiglin’s article on Manhigut Yehudit (from the Jerusalem Post)Time to Win the War.

Feiglin nails it. The Kosel is and always has been intended as a “depressurizing valve” from the Temple Mount. The “undivided Jerusalem” shtick is for “internal consumption”.

Reminds me of my own post, titled: Let’s Make a Deal; You Get the Wall We Get the Mount!


Jerusalem was hastily proclaimed the city of all religions. It is not the capital of Judaism, which respects the individual worship of others. It is not the capital of Judaism as the Vatican is the capital of Christianity and Mecca the capital of Islam. Jerusalem is everybody’s city. In other words, it is not really ours.

While the vows of loyalty to Jerusalem are earnestly pronounced inside Israel, the deep Zionist undercurrent, which fears the baggage of Jewish identity and the horizon of purpose and destiny that Jerusalem heralds, always employs the “goyim” to remove our chestnuts from the fire. “It is not that we prefer only west Jerusalem, we truly want the heart of the city, it’s just that the Jordanian Legion defeated us in 1948. Or it is the European antisemites who will not recognize Israel’s post 1967 borders.”

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