Israel’s Existence Is a Rebuttal of Cursedianity

In An ‘Ultimate Cause’ of Holocaust Denial we mentioned:

… a successful Jewish renascence (Ed., Israeli sovereignty), counter to every Mohammedan/Cursedian anti-Judaism false prophecy…

I wish to add this is even worse (for them) in the Cursedian case than it sounds.

  1. The existence of Israel debunks their mainstream “replacement theology“.
  2. It shows they lack revelation and predictive powers.
  3. Worst of all, their whole strategy was for us to Shmad ourselves (God forbid) upon seeing their comparative success (don’t cf. the Nude Testament, Romans 11:11-12). So how’s that working out for them?

Even from afar, it is easy to see the crises they were and are plunged into with the beginning of the return to Zion, with many new sects and exegesis. If we build the Temple, too, their heads will explode. We ought to do so for this reason alone!

This sounds like triumphalism.

Who says that’s a bad thing? Kedushas Tzion’s writers use it all the time.

Leibowitz says even the Emancipation posed a problem:

The call for the obliteration of Judaism was not something grafted upon Christianity as a result of some historical development, something which Christianity is capable of overcoming and even rejecting.  It is of the very essence of Christianity since the day on which the Christian god appeared on earth.  It is nothing but the denial of the right of Judaism to exist; in a sense, a denial of its very existence.  The relationship of Christianity to Judaism is unlike that of other religions or faiths, whether pagan or Islamic, which deny the Torah of Israel and would nullify it.  Christianity does neither, but claims that it is Judaism and there is no Judaism apart from it.  On this claim it bases its very legitimacy, and therefore, can never concede this point.  From the standpoint of Christianity, the existence of Judaism apart from Christianity has ceased to be legitimate.  Its continued existence can only be interpreted as a deviation from the proper divine order of the world.  The Church could be reconciled to the continued existence of the Jewish people only to the extent that this existence was severed from the proper existence of mankind, that of the Christian world, whose members are the ‘true Jews.’  The Jewish people could be permitted to exist only if their existence were disfigured, cursed, and degraded.  The entry of Jews into the mainstream of the life of Christian society while still remaining Jewish, a process which began with the emancipation, must appear in the eyes of the Church as a challenge to the very root of Christianity.  Christianity regards itself as the legitimate heir of Judaism, and the heir cannot take possession of the inheritance while the testator is still alive.

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