The Israeli Army’s Only True Enemy: Judaism

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak explains the real purpose of increased wicked unholiness in the IDF

“This is to secularize the haredim. To force them into the army [and then secularize].”

“They don’t want the Jewish religion to exist. That’s all. In the name of equality. That’s why there can’t be any ‘exclusion’ of women. You have to listen to women singing; to stand there and to listen. Why is it that in sports women aren’t equal? Why aren’t there mixed-gender sports teams in soccer? In basketball? In volleyball? Why not? It’s the same thing. If she’s muscular… why not? Why in [sports] is it not considered exclusion? Because there are no haredim there that they need to secularize! It’s all secular people there. But where there are haredim, there you need to call it ‘exclusion’.”

Excerpted from Arutz Sheva, here.

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