Israel: World Destiny

Moshe Feiglin:

A Jewish state cannot exist without establishing a clear purpose for the younger generation; it is only from our positive destiny that we draw our right to exist as a nation. As I see it, the destiny of a Jewish state can be no other than our historical Jewish destiny.

 ‘We gave you a country because we thought that when the people of the prophets returns to its land, a new bible or a new ethical code will be written in the land of Israel for the world as a whole. We had expectations – and look what you have done.’

This is how a group of British intellectuals described their disappointment with Israel and the reason that they no longer see Israel as legitimate in a conversation with the President of the Sapir College, Professor Ze’ev Tzachor. (Interview with Meir Uziel in Makor Rishon, Adar 5768)

I would like to echo that with a perfect quote I recently heard from Eric Hoffer, soon after the state’s founding (no source available):

If Israel does not succeed, history has no meaning.

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