How Should the Sanhedrin Save Lives?

In Leshichno Tidreshu the Steipler is quoted as saying the number of traffic accidents is outrageous. If there were a Sanhedrin today, he goes on, they would forbid using cars entirely.

The important point here is that road tragedies are not the way of the world.

I have a different idea to reduce traffic accidents: desocialize the roads. That way someone has the incentive to protect customers. See more about this in The Privatization of Roads and Highways. How about we try my idea first?

See the first Mishna in Shekalim that Beis Din must fix broken roads…

Related: Someone once asked Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv (during an Arab popular uprising, or “Intifada”) whether Israel was deemed a “Makom sakana” (a dangerous place) one must leave. Rabbi Elyashiv said: when the number of dead matches the number who die in traffic accidents, God forbid, then Israel will be a “Makom sakana”. (It never even got close.)

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