Gun Control Results in Israel and America

Gun Control Fail in Israel

By John Farnam

Gun Control in Israel!
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Ft Collins, CO –-( “Where there is morality, personal honor, and individual responsibility, laws are unnecessary; where there is none, laws are meaningless and unenforceable.” ~ Anon

Gun Control” is an admitted and abject failure in Israel, just as it fails here, in Europe, the UK, Australia, and everywhere else it has been tried!

It “fails” in the sense that is does not reduce violent crime. Quite the opposite. “Gun Control” actually stimulates violent crime, a painful lesson currently being learned in Israel.

However, it “succeeds” in emasculating good and productive citizens, making them ever-vulnerable to violent criminals, ever-dependant on government, but less of a perceived “threat” to sleazy, paranoid politicians.

That is the reason, and the only reason, leftist politicians ever-demand that good citizens be forcibly disarmed. Their “caring” extends only as far as their own personal safety (which is why they are never required to obey their own laws). They know and understand that piously-promoted anti-gun proposals will have no effect on criminals and criminals populations, but they could not possibly care less about the safety of all of us “ordinary” (read that: “expendable”) citizens!

Israel’s leftists/liberals come from the same mold as ours:

Headline from Israel (Debka):

“Mountainous quantities of illegal weapons… in the hands of Israeli Arabs have grown to unmanageable proportions. No Israeli civilian police, nor even military force, has the scale of manpower required to mount raids in Israeli Arab population centers… for a comprehensive campaign to impound them, not even when backed by tanks and commando units. And, it is laughable self-deception to call upon 1.5 million Arab ‘minority’ citizens to voluntarily surrender their guns.”

Yeah, good luck with that!

Many “illegal” guns have been stolen from the Israeli Army, due to notoriously sloppy security procedures.. Others are smuggled in. But many more are actually manufactured by ingenious and resourceful local smiths in local, illegal shops. “Controlling” them, as noted above, is the exclusive province of naive fools!

Israel’s real dilemma: Jews obey the law. Islamics don’t.

France, Germany, and most other European countries now have the identical problem. Native populations believe in civil order and tend to obey the law. Islamics have no respect for local laws, any laws.

While native citizens have been involuntarily disarmed (for reasons noted above), they notice that “gun control” never seems to apply to Islamics! And, as in Israel, government authorities are disinclined to enforce the law on non-assimilating Islamic minorities, for fear of losing votes and being accused of “persecution.”

Curiously, they have no compunction about enforcing the law on the hapless balance of the population!

Here in the USA, criminals also have guns, but, unlike in Europe, Israel, and most of the rest of the world, good people have guns too. That irritates liberals to no end, and that is the reason they are constantly coming after our guns, knowing full well they’ll only get ours!

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