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I want to tell you about a new and unique yeshivah program for English speakers that we are starting this September. We’ve realized Yeshiva-age students from abroad are in real need of a Torah environment where they can roll up their sleeves and learn practical Torah skills, while integrating into Israeli society.

Torah L’Maaseh’s vision is all about making Torah relevant to every-day living in Israel. Our students put their study into practice and translate their theoretical knowledge into action while being immersed into a real Israel experience (not trapped in a bubble of English-speaking friends and teachers).

At Torah L’Maaseh, studies focus on real-life halacha. Students will be encouraged to use their acquired knowledge hands-on, for example, by tying their own tzitzit or harvesting their own arba’a minim, and will be provided with an all-encompassing support system so that they can immerse themselves in Israeli culture and society. Torah study tracks will be customized for their interests in a warm, one-on-one atmosphere which supports every student’s unique capabilities. All classes and activities will be completely integrated within Yeshivat Ramot, a Hesder-optional Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Torah L’Maaseh is now accepting applications for its pilot program to begin this coming September. Applicants can be men aged 18-25: Gap-year students, shana-bet students, potential olim, new olim, children of olim, lone soldiers, college students on leave, and college graduates.

I’m sure you know of someone who did not get accepted to the yeshiva of his choice or is too old to go to a post-high-school program or someone who wants to find a yeshiva unlike any other. He is who we are looking for! If you know him, or would like to recommend someone for the yeshiva, call 054-675-4963 or email [email protected]. or visit

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Avi & Bat-Chen Grossman

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