‘God Enlightens the Eyes of Both’

A Chassid once met a Litvak for the first time. This is what their conversation consisted of:

Chassid: Please tell me, what is the difference between us two?

Litvak: Are you sure you wish to find out?

Chassid: Yes.

Litvak: Tell me a Chassidic saying, please.

Chassid: The Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Zalman of Liadi, once said that Shabbos without Kugel is like Rosh Hashana without a Shofar.

Litvak: So what do you call Rosh Hashana that falls out on Shabbos without Kugel?

Chassid: Thank you for answering my question.

Litvak: You are welcome. And thank you for reminding me to pray for the return of the Temple and Sanhedrin (cf. Maimonides Laws of Shofar chap. 2, end) in spite of the Meshech Chochma Leviticus 23:24.

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