Follow the Torah or Follow Daas Torah? You Can’t Do Both!

Hold on just one minute, lets not confuse Torah and Daas Torah.” Just because the Torah commands us to do something that doesn’t mean we should actually do it. What do our Rabbis tell us?
After all, who are we to try to understand that which is clearly stated in the Torah when some of our lesser teachers (henceforth known as “Gdolim” for the sake of the common vernacular) tell us that they have decided something contrary to G-d’s eternal commandments to the Jewish people on earth embodied by the Torah given to Moshe Rabbenu on Har Sinai?
This concept is known as Daas Torah, the central idea being that Daas Torah is the Guide by which we should lead our lives lest we wander astray following the precepts of the Ol Malchus Shamayim we accepted when we said NaAsseh ViNishma.

Excerpted from Brisk Yeshiva, here.

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