Exclusive: Hyehudi’s Interview with Hillary Clinton! (Answers Missing) – Part One

Here it is:

After much agonizing and many imaginary debates among the Hyehudi editorial team, we decided to omit all the answers given by Mrs. Clinton, תליט”א. There were several reasons, among them the unimportant one of Mrs. Clinton not having been available or given the opportunity to give us any answers in the first place.

Still, the questions are pretty good in our (my!) opinion, and we reproduce them here, exactly as we asked them (to the wall).

Without further ado, here goes:

In a different interview, circa 1992, upon being asked why you remained with and enabled serial rapist/adulterer, JFK lookalike, Bill Clinton, you said this:

I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life.

You wrote in your premature autobiography one of “the most difficult decisions I have made in my life was to stay married to Bill.” In other words, you didn’t want to hurt your political chances, no matter the price.

In retrospect, seeing as how you lost the presidential election anyhow, it was a poor decision, a crowning example of a career of poor decisions. We are profoundly unsurprised at your inability to get over the waste of a lifetime. You devoted your whole life to making top predator and failed. You remind me of various Caesar\King\Emperor wannabes…

So our first serious, vital question is: Do you have any good chocolate chip cookie recipes?

Answer #1: ________________________________________

In 1917, German military officers sent a certain revolutionary Marxist, name of Vladimir Ilych Lenin, from Zurich to Russia by train with 35 associates. The goal was to overthrow the Russian government and keep it out of WWI. It was a lot like the ancients catapulting rotting dead cows into a besieged city. It worked, too.

I cannot think of a worse pathogen than you (I mean this in the best possible way!), so my second practical question is: Assuming your career ever got so derailed in the US, “your services were no longer required” or the wages were high enough, would you consider being sent somewhere on a risky, Leninesqe mission?

Answer #2: ________________________________________

We are very proud of the article titled: Politicians Are Never Punished. You probably read it already, but if not, please read it now… Ignore the Hebrew bits.

As, surely, the most purely psychopathic, English-reading politician alive, did you find the article insightful, and would you like to add anything else?

Answer #3: ________________________________________

In that same vein, I cannot think of anyone as soulless, heartless and coldblooded as you. I mean this in a good way, of course! But, well… Is there anyone alive you, o Madam Establishment, ex-Queen of the Swamp look up to?

Answer #4: ________________________________________

Your “husband” Bill Clinton clearly admired his professor, Carroll Quigley, probably the only professor to ever be mentioned in a presidential acceptance speech. Quigley is also the man who exposed the evil Anglo-American Establishment and CFR you work for.

I always meant to ask: Has old Bill ever shared anything interesting from/about Dr. Quigley with you?

Answer #5: ________________________________________

In 2008, on both national TV, and in a Time interview, you brazenly called for opponent Barack H. Obama’s assassination. Question: Why do you think your implied offer of a handsome reward went unheeded?

Answer #6: ________________________________________

To be continued…

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