Don’t Blame God for Government!

אולת אדם תסלף דרכו ועל ה’ יזעף לבו
Man’s own foolishness leads him astray, but he will rage at God.
The simple meaning is obviously valid, as the Gra says in his first explanation:
אולת וגו’, שהצרה שבאה על האדם הוא מחמת איולתו, כמ”ש חטאים תרדף רעה והוא זועף על ה’.
The mother of all examples is this fashionably ignored verse from the book of Shmuel (I 8:18) – best seen in full context:
וזעקתם ביום ההוא מלפני מלככם אשר בחרתם לכם ולא יענה ה’ אתכם ביום ההוא
And you will cry out on that day because of your king, whom you will have chosen for yourselves, and the Lord will not answer you on that day.
P.S. This wasn’t clear enough; we speak here of public sin and sanctions.

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