Disclaimer: For Informational Purposes Only

Here’s an impressive Allied forces simple sabotage manual written for the average citizen under especially hostile regimes. For strictly historical interest, of course! I read many of these manuals, and this one specimen is one of the least awful, practically, and in terms of writing style.

Note: The technology has changed since, but the social dynamics of humans have not.

Here are the various file formats for selection from Gutenberg. Here is the plain-text version, and here is the one with the library stamps and vintage fonts (self-sabotaged, really).

I can hypothetically think of so many hypothetical current, local, and halachically licit applications to the adages within (hypothetically speaking, of course!).

It’s not as though Jews in Israel are living under a hostile regime, of course, perish the very thought! (And that’s why I can’t supply any internal hyperlinks.)

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