Dear Anonymous: Please Contact Me!

I found a wonderfully brief polemic titled “הקדמה לספר ויואל משה החדש”. The pamphlet points out a tiny bit of the blatant lies and misquotes and factual ignorance and shoddy scholarship throughout the overrated Vayo’el Moshe, and does so in attractive fashion (following the lead of this work).

I would love to upload it here, but there is no contact information. If anyone has more details about the author/s, please use the Contact page to reach me.

P.S. There are positives in Vayo’el Moshe, too (as the aforementioned pamphlet agrees). Since Vayo’el Moshe’s author (one author, not many!) was forced at the time to choose between Appeal to Authority, or ‘clericalism’ (which had by then embraced Zionism) and Appeal to Tradition (of which a shallow and recent sampling rejected Zionism), Rabbi Teitelbaum chose the latter. (Since then his position has become the establishment one, with mild practical exceptions, such as voting. Thank God, there are also increasing anti-establishment currents by now.) He was unafraid of calling his numerous Jewish opponents heretics, Rabbis or not, which opens the gates for the intellectual honesty of similar, if lesser, accusations against other authorities. According to, anti-clericalism is a large part of the medicine modern Judaism requires so desperately.  Also, there’s a tiny bit of anti-authoritarianism in there. This doesn’t atone for the rest of his book, but it’s a start.

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