Comments on Arab Teudat Zehut Reproduction

YWN: Teudat Zehut Forgery Operation Uncovered In The Shomron

The title is self-explanatory.

The “counterfeiting” enterprise was found in an Arab village. The Israeli police almost never enter those places in cases of real, man-to-man crime. “Officer safety” is more important. And they are intimidated by those whom they believe to be the rightful owners of this land, as Moshe Feiglin always says. But crimes against the government, such as “treason” are always treated far more severely than the mere murder of fellow tax-slaves, which harms the owners far less.

Although Israeli Arabs have it good from the state in many ways, they do suffer a lack of “law and order”. The state forbids competition in policing and erect barriers against private security but then refuse to do the job (however ineptly) themselves, either.

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