‘Comforting the Mourners of Zion’


Melbourne community head, Rabbi Michael Mandel, the father of the head of Machon Shilo, Rabbi David Bar-Hayim was niftar from this world.
Rabbi Bar-Hayim can be seen euloigizng his father at the funeral at the following link:
Rabbi Bar-Hayim will be sitting sitting Shiva in Jerusalem at Rechov Chaim Vital 11/17, Givat Shaul on Yom 3 and Yom 4.
Shiva Times:
Yom 3:
Shacharith: 07:15
Mincha: 16:30
Arvith: 17:30
Hours to be menachem avel:
10:00- 13:30
16:00- 21:30
Yom 4:
Shacharith: 7:15
Mincha: 15:00
Hours to be menachem avel:

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