Charedim Will Never Lead Israeli Government

The previous Bostoner Rebbe has said the current approach to unfiltered internet abuse is wrong. The observant community needs to help sufferers seek treatment and rehabilitation, just like with any other addiction (such as alcohol); not ban users from the community or synagogue.

But then why did he not seek to ameliorate the Israeli anti-drug laws, too, shifting from the criminalization model to the medical care one? I’ll tell you why. He doesn’t care about the Jewish public at large, that’s why. The Bostoner Rebbe’s community would not contain many drug addicts. The Rebbe was sincerely thinking about the good of his own congregants, without Status-Quo Bias (while all those Rabbis who disagree/d with him on the ‘Moetzes’ were not even doing that much!).

Charedim lack what Feiglin calls the ‘Leadership mentality’, and always have.

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