Belief In Belief

Daniel Dennett, a leading “New” atheist, author of countless “deepities”, claims, in one example, religion is less a Belief of its own than a “Belief in belief”.

This is nonsense.

The error of many evil men lies in denying man is quite immutable. Saying some people have an additional, unnecessary “Belief in belief”, (unshared by “Bright” others) is like saying some people possess an additional, unnecessary “Belief in love”.

Our created nature beneficially compels us to believe in things. Usually, those things are true. When the belief is temporary, the belief may also be false. Those experiencing depression, etc., may sometimes exercise painful thoughts and beliefs, as the Steipler wrote in his “medical” letters.

The religious impulse never dies. “Those who don’t believe in God believe in everything”. Without living parasitically off the benefits of religion, the atheist would kill fellow apes while naked. Contra Nietzsche, Hashem is not dead, and He never was.

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