Before Egalitarian Political Correctness Overturned Common Sense

Note: part of the following quote is Cursedian heresy, but the main point is still valid.

To be sure, before the world one person is properly accounted nobler than another by reason of his birth, or smarter than another because of his intelligence, or stronger and more handsome than another because of his body, or richer and mightier than another in view of his possessions, or better than another on account of his special virtues. For this miserable, sinful, and mortal life must be marked by such differentiation and inequality; the requirements of daily life and the preservation of government make it indispensable. But to strut before God and boast about being so noble, so exalted, and so rich compared to other people — that is devilish arrogance.

  • Martin Luther, “On the Jews…”

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