Avigdor and the Avoda Zara

There was a recent ‘incident’ between the representatives of two regimes; Avigdor Lieberman and Kim Jong-un.

Here are the highlights from Haaretz:

North Korea lashed out at Israel on Saturday after Israel’s defense minister called the hermit kingdom’s regime a “crazy and radical group,” blamed it of being an ally of Syria’s Assad and the Lebanese group Hezbollah and said growing tensions between the U.S. and Pyongyang have “direct implications” for Israel.

A statement released by the North Korean Foreign Ministry called Avigdor Lieberman’s statement “reckless” and a form of “sordid and wicked behavior” that posed a “grave challenge to the DPRK.”

In response, the North Koreans threatened, “it is the steadfast will and spirit of the service personnel and people of the DPRK to give merciless, thousand-fold punishment to whoever dares hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership.”

According to foreign reports, North Korea was also involved in helping Syria build a nuclear reactor, which was destroyed in an attack attributed to Israel in 2007.

Needless to say, Lieberman was attacked by his political opponents:

“Mr. Defense Minister, we have enough enemies in the region let’s focus on them,” Labor lawmaker Shelly Yachimovich tweeted.

Lieberman’s predecessor, Moshe Ya’alon, accused the defense minister of “prattling irresponsibly about North Korea.” Referring to past hawkish remarks made by Lieberman, Ya’alon tweeted: “After bombing the Aswan Dam, ousting Hamas, and taking out Ismail Haniyeh within 48 hours, the minister of talk is prattling irresponsibly about North Korea.”

“And there’s no prime minister to call his prattling and belligerent ministers to order!” he added.

Now, diplomacy is better than warmongering, pols have no right to free speech, and Lieberman was “moving his lips” aplenty, of course. However, it’s important to remember that the dishonorable Kim Jong-un is one of North Korea’s false deities (like the biblical Pharaoh). As such, he must be ridiculed if possible (same as the Unholy Poop, by the way), see Megillas Esther.

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