A Very Kind Letter

We received a letter from one of our readers and copied the body of it here (links mine:)
I love the comments you make on current events, movements and conventional wisdom, especially the short and simple articles, like the recent one pointing out that sometimes there IS an objective truth (viewed as uncouth to postmodern sensibilities), brief reminders about forgotten or misunderstood mitzvas, and the quips and jokes that are both funny and drive points home (like the litvaks learning Gemara instead of karbanos, LOL). Some of the links are helpful too, like the recent one to the simple halacha site.
Your site provides for me with the closest thing I have found to a Torah bouncing board (could I say a taste of modern prophesy?) for the social and political and halachic chaos I feel we live in, and helps me make sense of it, based on impressively thorough research. The Editor articles are obviously extremely well thought out and refreshingly real and uninhibited, without sounding arrogant or dogmatic, which allows for trust and credibility in the author.
The longer ones like the links in Hebrew I am embarrassed to say often push my attention span or intellectual level beyond what I am willing to invest, but I am sure they appeal to readers who have more time or understanding at that level.

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