The Chareidi Think Tank

Did you know the Chareidim have a “think tank” all their own? Yep…

The self-description:

The Harav Lord Jakobovits Torah Institute of Contemporary Issues (JICI) is an ultra orthodox Jewish think tank (haredi think tank) formed by ultra orthodox rabbis, thinkers and scholars

JICI is independent, non-political, and multi-disciplinary It deals forthrightly and in depth with public policy issues and dialogues with opinion-setters and policy-makers in Israel and internationally

One of their main projects is spilling blood in God’s name. I quote the double-speak of those responsible for the so-called “peace process”:

So long as the powers that be insist on cultivating secularist “moderates” as peace partners while continuing to treat unbending religionists as the intractable enemy, peace must continue to elude the region. Most urgently needed, therefore, is a peace initiative that will reach also the religious players, speak in their language, think in their terms and address their concerns and sensitivities. This requires fundamentally new visions, broad and systematic planning and resolute positive action.

The board et al. are pretty high up, including politicians, such as Yisrael Eichler. They concern themselves with the halachic fiction known as “international law”, smarm up to politicians and NGOs, like the evil Israel Institute for Democracy, and more.

This gives the lie to their ridiculous claim to be “apolitical”. Ha! What’s a think tank if not a group promoting certain policies?

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